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I suggest ... AN EARLY GENERAL ELECTION in the UK As Soon As Practically Possible !

I would like to get the support of MANY people for this ! Everyone is very welcome to respond to this ad.

I want to express my appreciation of the former Prime Minister David Cameron's honorable decision worthy of praise, to stand down when he did - when he considered it as appropriate and / or necessary in the circumstances, to do so.

During her months as Prime Minister, Theresa May and her Government have apparently done Little, or nothing at all, to NOTICEABLY change and improve my personal situation with Housing. I still experience No Difference for the Better, in this regard.
I doubt that the situation of people in the circumstances similar to mine, has significantly improved either, over those months - despite the measure(s) that Mrs May's Government may have already undertaken, to try and repair the situation with housing.

The Housing Crisis in London has still NOT passed.

When is the result of their policies going to happen, that would Really have an effect on me ? I wonder ...

* I am curious to know ONE SINGLE ASPECT of my life that has - IN EFFECT - improved as a result of the policies of the Conservative led Government of 2010-2015 and the Conservative majority Government of David Cameron of 2015-2016.

* I am curious to know ONE SINGLE ELEMENT of my life that has - IN EFFECT - improved as a result of the policies of Theresa May's Conservative Government that has been in place since July this year.

In fact, I think I already know the answer to the above questions.
That answer is - in effect - "Almost None At All" !

A personal story...
(despite whatever the Conservatives promised in their proposals or Manifesto before the May 2015 Election)...
* Little or no help at all from the government, for me to get a separate home / accommodation of my own (not demanding a palace or a castle on a separate island), to enable me to begin living by myself, at my age of 33. Not really greatly supportive.
* While in receipt of the Jobseeker's Allowance, being asked to go and work almost full time for 6 months, completely for FREE (except receiving the said unemployment benefit of £72 per week), being with a higher education (a university graduate with a Bachelor degree in Law) - I do not find that satisfactory either.

* Also - how do you like the following 2 initiatives ?..
1. As far as I understand, by the government's decision, young people aged 18-21 who are not yet employed and in receipt of the Jobseeker's Allowance, will have the Housing Benefit taken away from them. (This is either already in place or is due to be put into force at some later stage).
2. The former Prime Minister David Cameron's idea (or at least, the one he apparently also subscribed to), the so called Work For Benefits plan... Fortunately (though everyone is free to disagree) this one was, apparently, REJECTED by the Liberal Democrats (and I thank them for that), who believed that this plan would be of no benefit or gain to the people who would have to go and work for their benefit payments.

I have been living in the UK since 1996.
I would really like to be able to remain in this country in the foreseeable future.

* For an Avoidance of Doubt :
1. I am NO longer in receipt of the Jobseeker's Allowance - or any other type of state benefits.
(In September 2016, it was precisely 2 years since I voluntarily signed off).
2. These days, after a pause of a couple of months or so, I once again work - in practice.
I help out a member of my family in their own job - on rather regular basis - but I do this unpaid (as I am not in any capacity as an officially hired / registered employee).

* An UPDATE ...
I am now considering refusing to start working in my own job or becoming employed, and not accepting any possible job offer at LEAST unless and until I am offered a permanent (or a long term) accommodation (preferably in London) for which I will Not be expected to pay.
That is my potential new position.
(One of the reasons to necessitate this are my own personal factors, and I would not prefer to go into the specific details of it here).
My application for the Housing Register which I submitted last autumn, was Rejected.
In any event, I personally do not find it satisfactory to any major degree if I have to wait for a very long time to be Actually given - in practice - an accommodation / place of living (from a council or otherwise).

However, given the general situation and by this specific stage in time, I think I would be more inclined to see an Early General Election - rather than accepting any possible concessions from the current Government (especially given the fact that any relevant concessions are unlikely to be made or happen in reality and practice).

I would consider such an election to take place in November or December this year Not to be entirely unrealistic.
Having said that, I am however prepared and willing to consider and respect the views of the general public (including the said Government) on this issue.
With respect however, this does not guarantee to change my personal individual views and position.

I Do Not Want MY Own Home Next Year. I Do Not Want My Own Home In a Month. I Do Not Want My Own Home Next Week. Ideally .. I Want It .. TOMORROW.
Just Like MANY Other People in my position - I am almost sure.
Those who Want one, Those who Need one ... I "deserve" it, They deserve it .. We All deserve it !
I do Not want to wait for it any longer. I Have Waited Enough...
I am now 33 years old. It is ENOUGH of waiting !
Enough ...

Thank You for everything and for reading.
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